Parents - A newborn sibling is placed for adoption

Whether you are a parent considering placing a baby for adoption and have other children in the home, or, have an adopted child - this touching story is one you will want to read to your children for many years to come.

Here's how this book will help your children: 

  • Reinforces the love parents have for all their children 
  • Explains the adoption process in children's terms 
  • Helps a child understand why adoption is sometimes the best decision for their new sibling 
  • Helps an adopted child understand why he/she may have been placed for adoption  

The Adoptive Triad (Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents, and Adoptee)

You will want to read the short story "My Adoption Journey" at the end of the book if you have ever asked the following questions: 

  • When do I tell my child he/she was adopted? 
  • I have considered obtaining information about my birth parents, but don't know if I am ready, or the process involved. 
  • What if the child I placed for adoption wants to try to contact me some day? 

The author briefly describes the positive impact of always knowing that she was adopted has made on her life as an adoptee. She then goes on to describe her on experience as she made the decision to request an adoption search. It was a long road traveled with many emotional ups and downs but well worth the journey. It is the author's hope that the second short story, "My Adoption Journey", will be helpful for everyone in the adoption triad - birth parent, adoptive parent, adult adoptee, even foster parents.