Author's Note

I worked in the field of adoptions for a number of years.  While my work was primarily with the adoptive families, on occasion I had the great fortune to work a number of birth mothers.  I was surprised to learn just how many birth mothers were already parents and, in fact, being a parent was one of the primary reasons they chose to place the new baby for adoption.  They understood parenting and recognized that they could not provide for the new baby like they needed or wanted to. Yet, I also found through my work with birth mothers that there is little or no resource for the birth mother to help her child(ren) understand why she is placing her new baby for adoption.

My book is the story of a young kitten, Kelly, whose mother is pregnant and plans to place her new baby kitten for adoption. In the story, Momma Cat helps Kelly cope with her fears and insecurities brought about by the impending adoption of her baby sister. Momma Cat also helps Kelly learn about and understand the adoption process - choosing a family, the match meeting, and adoptive placement. Through the story, the reader comes to understand the emotional rollercoaster of adoption and feels Kelly's relief when the baby goes home with her new family and Kelly goes home with Momma Cat.  

Susan B Keophila